[no charge for admission, application unnecessary] Lecture "risk management for child making safe place to stay with relief"

Anyone can participate. 

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When we make place to stay of child when we hold event, risk management is important in every aspect. If it is child with opportunity to contact with child including way of calling that was correct to danger point and today's child who rise in glance, and notice, please have a talk to be good to anyone.

Please participate with your friends.


  • The date and time: Saturday, February 17, 2018
    From 2:00 p.m. to 3:30
    (as for the opening from 1:30 p.m.)
  • Place: Shimamoto Town Interaction Center fourth learning room on the third floor 
  • Lecturer: Isao Akagi (there is Akagi pole) comes (youth worker)
    Director of NPO corporation NAC and division director
    The director of village forest Park at Tatsuta ancient morality



Lecturer introduction

It is entered the company in April, 1992 by "Osaka young people activity foundation". Through "Hattoriryokuchi, Osaka use hotel" managers, we proceed to Osaka Welfare Division child welfare section in April, 1999 and are engaged in establishment of facilities as opening producer of "large children's house BIC van". We play an active part as administration section chief director of BIC van afterwards. After resigning from Osaka young people activity foundation in 2012, we act as teachers of Konohana academy High School and wrestle for appointment, promotion of young people fitness upbringing to "NPO corporation NAC" promoting business to be concerned with nature experience activity of child to "village forest Park of Tatsuta ancient morality" director from April, 2017 in April, 2016 director and division director.


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