osakafumin net Lifelong learning wide area lecture

Mishima block [Takatsuki-shi, Shimamoto Town, Ibaraki-shi, Suita-shi, Settsu-shi]

  Our town rediscovery Part 14
  Think in eternal Mishima ... Old (ancient times); and ...


 osakafumin net is Lifelong learning cooperation business that Osaka and the municipalities in prefecture carry out (wide area lecture). We divide in the prefecture into 8 blocks, and each local government performs open lecture and visit party every block, and, in anyone, there is participation application in business of which block.
 We hold four times of lectures this year under the theme of "history" and, by Mishima block, approach in figure of ancient Mishima district.

 Taking the opportunity of this lecture, do you not rediscover "our town" not to consider?


[the first Takatsuki-shi] arms of the late Tokugawa period to see for plan exhibition 

  • Date
    • From Friday, January 26, 2018 2:00 p.m.
  • Place
    • Takatsuki City Konjo mound ancient history museum picture training room (48-8, Gungeshinmachi, Takatsuki-shi)
  • Lecturer
    • Koji Senda (chidakouji) comes (Takatsuki City margin more history museum curator)

[the second Shimamoto Town] treasure of Shimamoto is ... about ... excellent source (Daishi Gansan) and paper fortune learning chisel lottery woodcut, too 

  • Date
    • From Friday, February 2, 2018 2:00 p.m.
  • Place
    • Shimamoto Town Interaction Center the first floor kick shop hall (3-4-1, Sakurai, Shimamoto-cho, Mishima-gun)
  • Lecturer
    • Naoko Kubo (kubonaoko) comes (Shimamoto Town Board of Educational Secretariat Lifelong Learning Division cultural assets investigator)

[the third Ibaraki-shi] princess of the Emperor Jinmu is granddaughter of sanshimamizosaku 

  • Date
    • From Friday, February 16, 2018 2:00 p.m.
  • Place
    • Ibaraki City Lifelong Learning Center the second floor glitter hall (1-43, Hatakedacho, Ibaraki-shi)
  • Lecturer
    • Akira Kobayashi (kobayashiakira) comes (Ibaraki-shi cultural assets protection society's advisor)

[the fourth Suita-shi] footprint ... of Tsugita Horikawa and the Icicle forms hotel ... line basis 

  • Date
    • From Friday, February 23, 2018 2:00 p.m.
  • Place
    • Suita City Chisato civic center coliseum (1-2-1, Tsukumodai, Suita-shi Chisato new subdivision plaza)
  • Lecturer
    • Naoko Ikeda (ikedanaoko) comes (Suita-shi Board of Educational Secretariat cultural assets Social Welfare Section curator)

Application method 

  • Capacity
    • In the case of a lot of 130 (Attention) applications, we draw lots
  • Tuition : Free of charge
  • Application
    • You fill in the surface for reply of double postal card with address, full name (furigana), phone number on the back of address, full name of applicant, the letter sent to get a reply use, and, by Friday, January 12, 2018 [must arrive], please mail to the following address.
    • We can take lectures by postcard of one piece of attention 1 four times.
    • In people resident in attention 2 Shimamoto-cho, in the case of chisel attendance, we can accept over telephone (phone number 961-1011) for the second Shimamoto Town holding.
    • Destination, application
        〒618-0022 3-4-1, Sakurai, Shimamoto-cho
          To Lifelong Learning Division "person in charge of fumin net" in Shimamoto Town Interaction Center


  • Inquiry
    • Lifelong Learning Division (phone number 962-6316 fax number 962-0611)

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Contact us

Child education section Lifelong learning department (government office the first floor)
Phone number 075-962-6316 (cultural assets, Lifelong learning promotion)
    075-962-0792 (the young people, sports)
Fax number 075-962-0611 

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