About Lifelong learning affiliate

With Lifelong learning affiliate

 We demand learning by oneself and promote learning activity and improve by mutual learning and are group which can return that we learned to area and are group meeting the next requirements.

  1. Being group where it is premeditated and performs Lifelong learning activity continuously more than one year and can expect the result of.
  2. You are voluntary and are organized voluntarily without belonging to public rule, and do not perform group and personal undertaking for profit.
  3. That being all for five activity participants having the democratic rules of a society about activity.
  4. Do not support authorized candidate about business about interest of specific political party and official and personal election.
  5. Do not support specific religion, religious sect, denomination or religious community.
  6. As a general rule, member being person of residence in the town block or working, attendance at school.
  7. It is cooperation, to be able to participate to event that we perform publicity work and give all inhabitants opportunity of voluntary participation in business, and Shimamoto Town Board of Education hosts positively.

 In addition, on authorization, we report at member of a social education committee meeting and will have opinion.


Support contents to authorized group

  • We publish in introduction booklet
  • Reduction of taxes measures of the fee for use when we use Interaction Center


About authorization

 Group where authorization is hoped for, please submit authorized application to Lifelong Learning Division.
 In addition, on certification application,

  1. The rules of a society
  2. Activity plan
  3. List of members
  4. Last year accounts report (anticipate)  nadono presentation is necessary.


 In addition, authorization is single year authorization from April 1 to next year March 31. Please be careful once even if it is authorized group as degree application is necessary every year.

 Certification application performs acceptance for the next fiscal year by the end of January.
 In detailed schedules, we will tell in public information Shimamoto.



Authorized group in 2017

All 59 groups

  • Language study 14 group
  • The history, traditional culture, literature 8 group
  • Crafts, art 8 group
  • Interchange 1 group
  • Game 2 group
  • Music, theatrical art 8 group
  • Environmental 2 group
  • Human rights 1 group
  • Life 4 group
  • Sports 11 group

Please see the following PDF files in detail.


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Contact us

Child education section Lifelong learning department (government office the first floor)
Phone number 075-962-6316 (cultural assets, Lifelong learning promotion)
    075-962-0792 (the young people, sports)
Fax number 075-962-0611 

Update day: January 1, 2018

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