Schedule (there is change of schedule) of mayor seat of March

We published when we carry out schedule of mayor seat with page 6 of public information Shimamoto March issue and 26 pages of "calendars of March" in the first floor of the government office first counselor's office from 10:00 on Monday on 26th, but will change on account of the government affairs of the mayor.
Therefore, as we change in the next schedule and carry out, thank you for your understanding.

The date and time: Wednesday, March 28 from 10:00 to 11:00

Place: The first floor of the government office first counselor's office

(Attention) We carry out on schedule on Monday on 19th


Request of advance notice 

On the day it is done the next agency and can talk with the mayor, but as it is reservation priority, you want and may not attach. As you accept by telephone or fax in community promotion section from March 2, apply beforehand as possible.

As you may contact by timing, please convey date and time, full name, contact information, business desired on application.


Contact us

General Policy Department community promotion section (the first floor of the government office)
Telephone 075-962-0372, fax 075-962-8770 

Update day: March 7, 2018

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