About promotion of approach of shopping bag for free distribution cancellation

 The local government, companies supermarket cooperated, and kita* 7 cities and 3 towns carried out discussion meeting or my bag campaign to plan shopping bag reduction and my bag bringing promotion from 2012.

 We concluded "agreement about bringing promotion such as my bags in kita*jiiki and shopping bag reduction" to assume free of charge distribution cancellation of shopping bag purpose to take advantage to plan outbreak restraint of garbage and discharge reduction of greenhouse gas (carbon dioxide) toward reduction of environmental load in everyday life and operation.

 This becomes the first time that company cooperates with the local government of wide area and concludes agreement in Osaka.

 We deepen cooperation, collaboration about bringing promotion such as my bags and shopping bag reduction mutually and will work on environmental problem measures positively in future.


Agreement about bringing promotion such as my bags in kita*jiiki and shopping bag reduction 

My bag campaign poster

Effect of the current situation and the agreement conclusion of shopping bag

The current situation of shopping bag

  • The number of annual use per person is 240 pieces
  • 8.2 milliliters of oil is necessary to make one piece of shopping bag (6.8 grams)
  • When we burn up as garbage, 33 grams of carbon dioxide is exhausted

Effect (per one year) that is anticipated in kita*jiiki by reducing shopping bag

  • We can reduce garbage 5,366 tons
  • We can reduce carbon footprint 16,863 tons


 The current situation of shopping bag extracted from Ministry of the Environment homepage.
 In addition, reduction effect calculates from the mean of shopping bag mixture rate in garbage composition survey by each local government.


Agreement concluder

Local public entity (kita* area 7 cities and 3 towns)

  • Toyonaka-shi
  • Ikeda-shi
  • Suita-shi
  • Takatsuki-shi
  • Ibaraki-shi
  • Minoh-shi
  • Settsu-shi
  • Toyono-cho
  • Nose-cho
  • Shimamoto Town

Company (nine)

  • AEON RETAIL Co., Ltd. Kinki, Hokuriku company
  • Hankyu Oasis
  • Izumiya
  • HEIWADO Co., Ltd.
  • The Daiei, Inc.
  • All ages (we carry out from June 4)
  • Mitsuhiro (we carry out sequentially from June 1)


Agreement effective date Sunday, April 1, 2018

Free distribution cancellation starting date Friday, June 1, 2018 [environment month]



Administrative role in this agreement

 Each local government announces activities and my bag bringing rate and shopping bag reduction rate for approach promotion regularly and supports approach that company carries out positively.

Would like to ask inhabitants

 For shopping, take my bag by all means.
 We have you understand purpose of this agreement and would appreciate your supporting agreement conclusion company.


Question common about shopping bag for free distribution cancellation 

  • What of free distribution of shopping bag is problem?
    • We get shopping bag easily when free even if the truth is unnecessary, and garbage increases by using and throwing away.
      Because it is thought that approximately 1,800,000 people use 240 pieces of shopping bags per one a year in kita*jiiki, 432 million pieces of shopping bags will be used for one year, and most are thrown away as garbage.
      In addition, shopping bag has effect to give on environment. Shopping bag is not dismantled in actual state. It becomes dispersion garbage at pleasure resorts such as the sea or mountain and adversely affects environment, and damage such as bait and wild animal which ate shopping bag by mistake dying appears.
  • Free distribution of shopping bag seems to be called off, how much will one piece become?
    • As you are set by each company, please refer to each company.
  • Please tell store in town of agreement conclusion company
    • The Daiei, Inc. gourmet city Minase store (Egawa 2-3-1)
    • All ages Minase store (Hirose 3-1-18)
  • How does profit that company gets by free distribution cancellation of shopping bag turn out?
    • Based on agreement, each company uses for environmental conservation activity and local action.
  • As we used shopping bag for garbage bag, we are in trouble when we do not get bag free.
    • After checking use of distributed shopping bag, it turned out that we had very much quantity that was just discarded.
       Shopping bag is distributed in various general merchandising stores, but I would like understanding and cooperation as we would wrestle in shopping bag reduction of food supermarket used well this time in life.
  • As it has resistance to put food and life miscellaneous goods (detergents) in same maibaggu, we want to take shopping bag.
    • Having several my bags, please use properly depending on use if possible.
      In addition, there is method to make eco-bag which we can use and throw away with newspaper.
  • Is it canceled free distribution of shopping bag in other areas?
    • In neighborhood, shopping bag for free distribution cancellation is carried out equally in Shiga, Kyoto-shi, Kobe-shi, Nishinomiya-shi, Sanda-shi.

Agreement looks the conclusion-type 

Conclusion-style state

 On Sunday, February 18, 2018, we carried out conclusion-type and my bag campaign in open space in front of the international exposition memory park synthesis information desk.

 We gave to representative of kita*kakujichitai and company under the fine weather, and character of the local government of mizumarokunya et al. rushed, too and appealed for reduction of bringing and shopping bag of my bag in winter.


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City creation department Environment Division (the second floor of the government office)
Telephone 075-962-2863, fax 075-961-6298 

Update day: February 23, 2018

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