Please be careful about aerial request postcards such as "suit last notice about general consumption rate"

 Cases that postcard called "letter of advice last for synthesis consumers rate nonpayment" reaches "news of suit last notice about general consumption rate" from group which gives its "Ministry of Justice jurisdiction branch office nation suit notification center" or "civil action control center" increase rapidly recently.

 "Civil action" "seizure such as salaries" "last notices" are listed in postcard and are listed for privacy protection saying "contact from the person by all means".

  1. It is not necessary to accept unfamiliar request. Even if postcard arrives, let's ignore.
  2. You must not call on postcard in contact information of mention. My phone number is known.
  3. Uneasy case when is at a loss, please consult with consumers consultation.
    • Consumers consultation counter

      • From date and time every week Monday/Wednesday/Friday 10:00 a.m. to noon
        But we do not establish on day equal to holiday.

      • Place Interaction Center first counselor's office on the first floor

      • Telephone 963-2180

    • Consumers counselor's office shut room time consumers hot line 188 (there is no exchange number)
  4. Please talk with the police immediately by any chance when you have paid money.




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