Please be careful about flyers of money of support supply to give its citizen of Osaka support center

 We gave citizen of Osaka support center, and information that flyer of contents to pay money of support was distributed in Osaka was sent recently.

 Osaka chapter is listed, but such an organization does not exist in Osaka prefecture and does not perform such a support project again either.

 Even if such a flyer arrived, please be careful not to be contacted.


 The following, contents of flyer

 Citizen of Osaka support center

 It is good news for person whom money including the life poverty, debt, multiple debt, voluntary bankruptcy is troubling!

 We provide to support 300,000 yen

 Please feel free to contact.

 Phone number ○○○ - ○○○○ - ○○○○ person in charge○○





Contact us

City creation department turnout creation section (the second floor of the government office)
Telephone 075-962-2846, fax 075-961-6298 

Update day: March 9, 2018

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